Saturday, April 25, 2009

Celtic Festival

The Sons and a friend and I went to the Celtic Festival today, and it was fun. Got my traditional scoop of colcannon, watched a few Highland Games and heard my fill of bagpipes.

Also got a slight sunburn, but I suspect I am a lot less red than the rest of the crowd. I felt downright dark and exotic, amongst all those pink people!


Sue said...

That does sound exotic. It does not surprise me to hear of pink people at a Celtic Festival. haha

I am fair skinned. I freckle first, burn second, and eventually tan if I make it beyond those two. Lately, though, I've been a sort of sunscreen nazi because, hell, burns HURT.

Knot said...

Us pink people aren't meant for sunshine.

Penelope said...

Mmmmmm big beefy men in kilts! My idea of a very good day ;o)

Christine said...

Sue-I WAS a sunscreen Nazi, until I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. Can't win fer losin'.

Knot-So I noticed.

Penelope-You're WELCOME. Actually, this year's Festival was not great for the eye candy, but...oh well.