Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Everybody!

Mom is hosting Easter, so all I am bringing are these rolls and some asparagus.

The Bunny brought the Sons way too much sugar. Waaaaay too much.

Hubby remarked yesterday that we need a new nonstick pan. He is also one of those people with no discernible sweet tooth. So, this is as close to an Easter basket as he was going to get this year.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

YUM!!! Those rolls look soooooo good (after four days of no bread for Passover).

ALF said...

We also had asparagus on Easter!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your gift to super-bass-playing-hubby!
Asparagus...yummyyyy. I can't remember the last time I had that. Do you all serve it lightly steamed with a tonne of butter on it? Oh great! Now I'm craving asparagus!

Christine said...

Jill-They were good, fresh. They were good, 2 days old, even. Yesterday, though, I pitched the last few as unforgivably stale.

ALF--Asparagus is kinda my go-to veggie. I know my dad & Hubby will like it, and it takes no effort at all.

Penelope--He loved it, too, except he went back to bed and when he woke up the Sons had eaten almost all of the jerky. Poor man can't win.
And, the asparagus was in a good deal of butter, yes, with salt, pepper, garlic and lime. Lightly cooked, but then my mother started an egg hunt in the yard, so they ended up a little bit on the floppy side, from waiting...