Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

Flax seed oil and Texas Pete make the world's most awesome salad dressing. As in, I am sad when my salad bowl is empty, every day at lunch. Unlike Caesar salad, which makes me sad when I see it on my plate. Totally different experience.

Painting your nails makes you realize your head itches and you need to brush your teeth.

It also makes you think that maybe all that flax seed oil is making your nails grow.

Today, a dear friend and fellow gigwidow called me so I could hear her guy practicing in the basement. It was a private concert, just for me! I love that.

I also love YouTube, because I can get all obsessy about Simon & Garfunkel or Amy Winehouse or whomever else, even if I can't find my CD. Which is a sadly frequent event.

Watching some woman in her 50s get all giggly and stupid over my 17-year-old son was as creepy as it was amusing. For me and the Son.

Today, Son #2's U.S. Government teacher showed the kids a political cartoon unlike any other she has displayed this year: It illustrated a conservative viewpoint. According to Son #2, two students gasped when they saw it.

I don't care if April showers bring May flowers, I am tired of rain.

The house is mostly clean, the Sons are fed, I submitted two articles today; I feel good.

If you put ground flax seed on your chocolate ice cream, it instantly becomes a healthy food. Especially with some banana slices.

I like the sound of the dishwasher, the washer and dryer, the snorty, sleeping dog. Sounds like home.

Hubby and I loved Slumdog Millionaire, no matter what Salman Rushdie says.

I've been productive enough, today. Some days, it is OK to decide you've done enough and want to take the evening off. I'm going to go read Hard Times.


ALF said...

Be thankful for the rain. You'd be sad if you didn't get any. Trust me on that one.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I don't know who Salman Rushdie is, but I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. It was a little predictable but it had MIA in it, after all.

Anonymous said...

Government class used to just be boring. Now it has to be opinionated?

Oh well ...

Christine said...

Alf- I dunno, when we had a "dry season", overseas, I kinda liked it!

Jill-Yeah I could get past the predictable, on that one.

Knot--No, it doesn't have to be opinionated. The thing that gets me is, each fall his history/government teachers give a big speech about how they will NEVER reveal their personal, political leanings in class, because they are there to teach History, not mold opinion, so they will be Balanced in all things. And then they go on to teach one side of the story, consistently, all year. So not only are they only presenting their side, they are convincing those students who have no background in reading the papers or watching the news or being interested in history books on their own that that particular viewpoint is the full, balanced story.