Saturday, April 25, 2009

Octo, Mom

Things are chugging along, work, school and housework-wise, and Hubby's amp was ready for pickup yesterday. Good thing, too, since he blew the speaker in his back-up amp, the night before.

At noon, the boys were all doing their thing as they should be, I had made my trip to the gym, the house was relatively clean...I made the trek to retrieve the amp.

After nearly 4 hours in the car ("stop & go traffic" mostly means "stop")I got home, stuffed the family back in the car, and we drove 90 minutes to see Hubby's family for dinner. So, yeah, I spent 9 hours either in traffic or with in-laws, and it was OK.

On the ride home, Hubby & the Sons occupied themselves with an impromptu concert. Disney songs, internet viral songs, classic rock, really bad 80s music...everything.

(I contributed to their rendition of "Money"; I keep change in the car.)

Got home, crashed for a while, and then found myself awake in bed when Son #1 was also having trouble sleeping, so he and I did some housework and birthday prep--Son #4 will be 13 on Sunday.

Then I had 5 minutes to kill, before the washer was done with the laundry, so I watched this:

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