Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aftermath: a guessing game

First of all, yesterday morning I actually thought, "I have nothing to blog. I am getting boring." So, um, Thank You, Universe, for responding with a car accident. Yeah. I will avoid stupid thoughts in future.

Honestly, though, 18 hours later I am thankful that I came out of it with a tender nose and no traffic citation. Could be worse, you know?

Yesterday, within hours of The Accident, Hubby and I went to a benefit concert: he performed. In the car, on the way, he mentioned the accident to all the people with whom he spoke on the phone:

My brother-in-law: the one the Sons say acts like a 9-year-old.
The singer for the band Hubby just quit.
The singer who fired Hubby a couple of bands ago.
A guitarist I've met once before.
The woman who asked Hubby to fill in for the band originally scheduled to perform yesterday.
My mother-in-law.
A huge biker: pretty much everyone is afraid of this guy, at first glance.
A bass player.
Two drummers.
A body shop owner, after hours, at his home.
And a convicted felon.

Every single one of them, their first words were, "Is Christine OK?"

Except for one. Can you guess?


Christine said...

If you guessed "Mother-in-law", you ARE correct.

The convicted felon saw me at the benefit and walked me to his car to give me Excedrin. Then he told Hubby to serve me all my meals in bed, today.

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you're okay....

Sue said...

I was JUST about to say the mother-in-law.

I'm also VERY GLAD you are OK, except for that tender nose. *HUGS*

Cynthia said...

MIL of course....