Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mixed feelings, oh, yeah, I got 'em

Part of me can understand and even support the "buy Black" movement this couple hopes to launch.

But if I said, "Let's only buy white", would I get that kind of happy coverage? Would I DESERVE that kind of coverage? Of course not. And I say that as someone who once knew just about every white person in the city where I lived (because I was living in Asia at the time) never crossed my mind that I should support white businesses just because they were white.

Ya know why? Because that is racist.


Anonymous said...

I'll say it. "Buy Black" is racist. Plain and simple and should be subject to the same backlash and ridicule you would get for saying, "Buy White".

And here's another hot sports opinion, blacks can be just as racists if not more than whites sometimes.

Andrea said...

My family pretty much scoffs at the whole buy black thing. My thing is if you got a great product and service, I'll buy, if not--see you later and that applies to all stores owned by all different races. My brother was so into the buy black thing...drove us nuts! Plus most stores I know the owner isn't on site so how would you know...just'cuz you may have a lot black employees doesn't make it a black owned business....