Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For Women, Girly-Men, and Others Too Weak for the Navy

Yes, Hubby will look down his fully-caffeinated nose at you, and you will feel Less Than those who take it black & unsweetened & by the gallon. In the slightly toned-down words of Marcellus Wallace, "that's just pride, f-in' with ya. Ya gotta work through that..."

And you can, because you will be happy. Truly, deeply happy. For today, I bring you Frozen Mocha 2009.

Here's how it goes:

After Hubby leaves for work, note the half-pot of coffee. Pour a cup in the blender.
Add a cup of 1% milk.
Chia seeds. (trust me. they are good for you)
A heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder, or raw cacao nibs.
Vanilla. I like a lot of that.
And, in a twist for 2009....

Feed your blender ice cubes, one at a time, unless you have a Vita-Mix like Superblonde. Then, you know, just dump 'em in.

Blennnnnnnd. Thoroughly. It is a Frosty for grown-ups.

You're welcome.

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