Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Steak: a definition, a recipe, and a travesty

We had some spare filets mignon in the fridge, and this morning Hubby decided to have it with his eggs. He offered some to the decidedly carnivorous Son #3, who (being also a wordy chap) offered his definition of steak: "A slab of meat with garlic on it".

Ah, maternal victory. He has absorbed my steak recipe. Which you want, now, right?

Hubby said, "You are definitely your mother's son. I don't put garlic on steak, I put Worcestershire sauce on it."

I grew up putting garlic on pretty much everything. Parsley, too. Hubby pretty much weaned me off of the parsley (although I enjoy it when I find it) but garlic is not going anywhere.

And who makes the steaks around here? Yeah, me. So what you want on your steak is garlic, and salt, and pepper. And that is it. Happiness ensues.

The travesty?

This morning he cooked a filet mignon in the George Foreman Grill. He says it was good, just seems wrong to put a good cut of meat on that thing.

I'm just sayin'.


Sue said...

My recipe contains all of the above. Lee and Perrins, AND garlic AND parsley and a few other things. Num.

The Foreman Grill is GREAT for bacon strips, by the way. Cooks fast.

DH said...

To clarify, I only put worcestershire sauce on cheap steak--for the filet this morning, didn't put anything at all on it except for salt.

and using the george forman for steak is great! cooks fast, so you have make sure not to overcook. i think it took 3-4 minutes to cook the steak this morning.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I am ALL about the garlic! Bring it on! Just make sure everyone has it or else phewwwwwww ;o)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I always add garlic to any recipe that doesn't have it and double the garlic in any recipe that does have it. :-)

I used to like to eat the cloves whole until I figured out that people that say they sweat garlic aren't actually kidding when they say that...