Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Battle of the Bulge Fitness Challenge: A belated carol

Oh, holy crap
My gym's having a connnnntest
And I signed up because I am a nut
Prizes are few
And I shall not win aaaaaany
But I press on, hoping to tone my butt
A class each day
These teachers are all fascists
But then again
They all are in great shape
Falllllllll on your kneeeeees
And giiiiiiive me forty puuuuuuush-ups
My triiiiiiiceps are shocked
But I keep coming back
I waaaaaant that iiiiiiiiiPod
And flatter abs


ALF said...

you make me laugh.

Christine said...

ah, but did I make you sing along?

Kerry said...

so funny! mY gym is having a contest too... and I am thinking about joining!

Ms. Q said...

I'm waiting for the podcast!!

How cool of you to enter the contest. I can't do 40 pushups, that's fer freakin' sure. If you keep at this it's amazing how your body responds in just a couple of weeks! I'm not referring to the pain, either! You'll notice you can do a little more, you'll get a little narcissistic, pressing and flexing and thinking, "Is this...firmer?" and IT IS!

I can just see you...hotter 'n hot, single eyebrow raised, flashing your wicked smile ....Tsssst! Can't touch this!

Christine said...

Oh, Ms. Q, I hope so. That would totally make my spring.

And if I can get the Sons to sing backup, I'll have to podcast a la Qmusings.

Jill said...

Oooh good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!