Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ALF's archive meme

ALF, who swears she dislikes blog tag, has challenged us all to link to five specific blog posts in our archives.

Oh, yeah, THAT isn't going to take long.

So, here I go;

One about Family

One about Friends

One about Me

One about Something I Love

One random one of my choice

Are these my favorites? Well, not really. I'd be reading all day, to find them. But, they are a sampling, anyway.


ALF said...

I commented (or re-commented as the case may be) on every post. I am a star!

You may be wondering how I have time to do all that commenting during the work day. My boss is evil and I'm choosing to ignore her and my job today.

Christine said...

Yes, ignore the evil.

I am supposed to be doing productive stuff, myself, but I would rather sit around eating and surfing the net, thank you very much.

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

I'm having fun reading the links. Love this idea.