Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christine Doesn't Care

Everyone posts these beautiful blog entries about the things that matter to them. I think I will, instead, tell you the things that I couldn't care less about, that I get the impression I'm supposed to, somehow.

Seasons. I don't need 4 of 'em. Winter is for crap, I tell you. If we only had the other 3, I'd be pleased. Work on that, will you?

Square Footage. Poky Redhead asked me yesterday, how big my house is. I can't remember. I could look it up, but who cares? It is cramped in here, now, and will feel palatial when the Sons are grown and gone. That's all I know.

Home Decor. Bah. Aside from an ill-advised foray into colorful walls (screw you very much, Sherwin Williams guy), I don't care. Hubby picked out the new carpet. He decided we needed blinds. If he wants new furniture, we get it. I love the stuff he chooses, and we have very similar tastes, in a furniture store, but I suspect that if I were living alone, I'd be sitting on the floor. Maybe I'm just lazy and cheap, but I don't understand how people can get all excited about choosing cabinetry and furniture and coordinating things, when they have perfectly good, useable stuff right there already.

What's On TV. I put the news on while I'm in the kitchen. But if the TV is otherwise on, Hubby or the Sons turned it on and chose the show. I sit through whatever they're watching, generally attempting to tune it out and listen to my own thoughts. If I can't, I aim to sleep. YES, there are shows I enjoy. But not enough to seek them out.

Hair Grows. The Sons are inching toward long hair. I don't care. I gather them up every once in a while for a trim, just so things look orderly, but if they all end up with rocker hair, I won't care. Just, you know, no product.

Gadgets. I have a ton of them, but I keep going back to: a knife, a saucepan, a skillet, a spoon. Maybe I just am tired of the additional noise of powered things. Maybe I miss the counter space under those gadgets.

Fancy Brands and Glamor Foods. I've had caviar and Brie. Ick. Those purses with the logos all over them look tacky as hell to me, too. I try exotic things, and I appreciate well-manufactured goods, but I am not going to buy anything to make a statement.

Being Fashionably Late. If I want to go, I want to be on time. Sometimes, in my eagerness, I even arrive EARLY.

I feel like a curmudgeon, so I think I'll stop here. If you all decided I was just a cranky bitch, well, I'd care about that.


La Chanson de Phoenix said...

I don't think you are cranky or that other thing. I think you choose wisely to not bother with things that don't suit you!

That said... I actually like brie, but I don't buy it often because it's expensive and I can't justify buying that over plain ol' NY sharp.

Andrea said...

Brie done right is good. If you have a Costco membership you can get a pretty good size round of it at a good price AND it tastes great! some folks it tastes great.

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Your interview, Madame:

1. What would you say the biggest joy of parenting is?

2. Besides eating and bathing, one is one thing you do daily (pick something most of us might not do if you can)?

3. Any special talents?

4. What draws you to other blogs?

5. Could you, if it were necessary, quit blogging and not feel any pain?

Get the answers back to me so I can include it in your de-lurker review!

Jill said...

Too funny on the seasons!!!!!

On square footage, I only see it in terms of how much I have to scrub, sweep, or dust. So the less the better as long as we're not piled one on top of the other.

I do like my house to look a certain way, so home decor I can handle. But I think I tend more toward picking through what happens to fall into my lap for something that suits me rather than actively seeking stuff out. I could spend a good long time looking around a hardware store though...

Definitely with you on the hair & gadgets. I cook in a cast iron pan fer cryin' out loud...

Nope, not crank, just funny!!!!!!

Ms. Q said...

Bwah-hahahaha! I agree with most of what you don't care about (decor, TV, gadgets, and brands). I'm not sure if I'm cheap I just know that all those things require shopping and I hate shopping.

People might think, "TV doesn't require shopping" but in my case it would. I'd have to buy a TV in order to not care what was showing on it.