Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm just a little bit freaked out

Because I have been outed.

Hubby's birthday was yesterday. He spent some time on the phone with his brothers, getting the traditional congratulations that come with being the baby of the family (he is 44, but his youngest brother is 58, so Hubby looks like a mere babe, and shall continue to do so, forever. While I, 4 years older than my sister, am the Older One, and therefore have one foot in the grave).

Hubby mentioned to Jesus Bill, about whom I have blogged, that Hubby has a blog of his own. Jesus Bill will probably check it out. And when he does, he will probably notice that there is a link to MY blog.

"What? Christine has a blog?"

I am counting on my generally dull reputation to discourage any and all familial scrolling of the Total Waste of Time Archives. Because, you know, the very thought of Actual Relatives reading some of this stuff is about enough to give me hives.

So, if you're reading this, Welcome, Jesus Bill. Love ya. And if the subject comes up, all you need to say is, "Christine has a really boring blog."


ALF said...

Looking back, I'm wishing I hadn't encouraged so much family reading of my blog. There are so many awesome things I could write about if only my Grandma didn't read (and then send me emails regarding my content, language, etc.) I have already scared away one set of Doug's grandparents because they were totally disgusted that I would talk about poop! Ha ha!

Sue said...

hahahahaha. Alf pretty much said was I was going to say. I don't tell my family that I have a blog either now.

I still don't say as much as I want to say, though. Hrm. I should.