Saturday, January 05, 2008

Teachers: Classy, Sophisticated Professionals

Son #1 got some great stuff from Hot Topic for Christmas. The other day he wore one of his new shirts to school. He looked great. He thought he looked great. All the girls thought he looked great.

His teacher, however, did not. While insulting one of his regular targets, he managed to zing Son #1, as well.

"You're an idiot, but at least you don't look as gay as _____ does, in that shirt."

That's some enlightened public education, right there. Makes me proud to send my kids to school.


Cynthia said...

Sheesh Christine....I cannot believe the things your DS hears at that school!!! What a disaster.... PS, I bet he looked great!

Anonymous said...

In response to a comment such as that, first thing Monday morning I'd be heading to the principal, school board and/or superintendent of schools with a loud and first class complaint that wouldn't stop until I (and my son) received a sincere apology.

ALF said...

Ew, no! That's terrible. They won't allow me to be a teacher without going back to school for 5 thousand semesters but that guy can be a teacher. Seems fair.

Christine said...

Cynthia-Yes, he looked great.

Anonymous-Over the years, if I have learned ANYTHING about the school system, it is that criticizing a teacher will get you and your child branded as troublemakers. Apology or no, the net effect is to bring more crap down onto your children's heads. Son #1 also says that this teacher is popular, and people get a kick out of his snarky comments (except, of course, the targets of them). Son #1 is a confident guy. He knows the teacher was out of line. He's not hurt. But he is also not interested in painting a bulls-eye on his head, or on the heads of his brothers, who will all be in that school.

nexy said...

and people wonder why there is still discrimination and bigotry in the world - they teach it on our schools.

Christine said...

Nexy, here is the weird thing: I think the teacher was trying to be cool for the students. That's the way my son describes him--always trying to act like a kid, himself, so they like him.

This, of course, just makes Son #1 roll his eyes.

The other thing about bigotry that he has commented on, now that he's immersed in high school culture:

It is fashionable to declare yourself bisexual. It is OK for homosexual couples to make out, in public. It is commonly held opinion that gay marriage is a good thing, and that those who are against it are bigots.

And yet, the worst insult you can hurl at someone is to call them "gay".

What is up with that?

Jill said...

Ugh. I remember this one college professor saying "For once Maurice has made a valuable contribution to the discussion in this class!" I already didn't like the professor but I remember thinking he looked like the idiot, not Maurice. :-(