Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Taller You Get, the Less Women Like You

Son #1 is explaining his irresistability to his brother (two years younger and about 4 inches taller) and best friend (also slightly taller than Son #1).

"The taller you get, the less women like you. They LOVE babies. They think toddlers are adorable. Little kids are cute. You get too tall, the women lose interest. Back me up, Mom--would you date an eight foot tall man?"

He has a point. And he does seem to be Catnip to the high school crowd. But, um, Hubby is over six feet tall, and I Ain't Complainin'.


Andrea said...

Son #1 is too, too funny!

Christine said...

Yes, he is.

And Son #2 is sensitive about his height, would you believe it? He doesn't believe me that there is a huge segment of the female population with a weakness for any man she has to crane her neck to see...

I swear, Andrea, those boys are going to rule the world, when they get out of the house.

ALF said...

That's too funny. Although I can't say I agree - the taller, the better for me.

Jill said...

I dunno, this guy says "No" on the height thing - Short guys are out'a luck duck

I totally agree on the baby thing though. Shortness is TOTALLY adorable on a baby!!! :-) :-) :-)

Christine said...


Well, first of all, I am first in line to agree that tall men are hot. Heck, *I* am 5'3", and that guy is too short.

AND I FEEL HIS PAIN, I DO. I've only met maybe one guy shorter than me that I thought "If I were single and he asked me out, I could have a good time with that guy." But, you know, that is not at all the same as..."DAMN! LOOK AT THE HOTNESS!"

I have met women with very short husbands who say they LIKE that. HE is "height appropriate" or "not intimidating" or whatever. So good luck to that guy.

Fortunately for Son #1, he is about 5'10" and probably still growing. He is RELATIVELY short, compared to his 6'2", 14-year-old brother. He is also outgoing, charming, witty, kinda chiseled, can dance and play 2 musical instruments, and has perfect teeth. So, you know, he's doing fine. Our phone is ringing off the hook.