Friday, January 25, 2008

For Jill: The Country Store

As you know, I love the Country Store. I get my blues fix there at least twice a month, and sometimes even more than that. There is plenty of grab-assing and dancing to be had. The food is awesome. And there is one more thing...

Though the men's room often has a long line, there is almost never a line, for the ladies' room.

Often, I will slide right in to the ladies', confident I can spend all the time I want reapplying my lip gloss because there's no one hopping from foot to foot outside the door.

If, however, you happen to be stuck in line, I have provided Entertainment. I made a couple of collages of my Blues Open Mic photos and hung them on the wall, across from the restrooms. Feel free to peruse, and loudly compliment them.

They also have a wide variety of nice liquid soaps, if you're into that.

Other than that, it's just a bar bathroom, but I know Jill is especially fond of those, so Here You Go, Jill.

Poky Redhead also will benefit from this particular post. SEE, I CAN INDEED wear a hat with a feather in it and not look like a pimp. Or one of those Red Hat people.


La Chanson de Phoenix said...

Ooo, nice camera! What kind is it? I want one!

Christine said...

It's a Canon Rebel, and, yes, I LOVE it.

My husband is the real photographer of the family--had his own darkroom as a teen. He had a great camera, until we forgot it on a little boat in a rainstorm...totally ruined it.

The Rebel is great because we could use all his old lenses with it, even though it's digital. Maybe they all do that now, but at the time that was New and Cool.

I have basically stolen the camera. I use it for work, and for all my barfly coverage :) etc. But I keep calling it His Camera...

ALF said...

we have twin cameras - woo!

I can see the stains inside the toilet - ew!

Christine said...

To be fair, I think those stains are just rust. We are in Well Water Country, around here. The bathroom is clean, all photographic evidence to the contrary.

ALF said...

ok, good to know! Public bathrooms sometimes scare me but the ones that are clean are so special.

Poky Redhead said...

That is SO a pimp hat.

Jill said...

OH COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! That lock looks awesome!!!! And color of the cinderblocks is nice and I love how the brown stains in the toilet are almost decorative! :-) :-) :-) Ashtray, so I guess the bar smoking ban hasn't hit your neck of the woods yet. Here there's no smoking in the bars anymore, so people have to hang out outside. But the benefit is you don't have to burn your clothing anymore after a night out. :-)

Christine said...

The bar smoking ban starts THIS FRIDAY. There is a lot of talk that "no one will enforce it unless people complain." I feel bad for the smokers (Could they not have started it in the spring, when the weather is not miserable?) especially performers, who have to wait until they are between sets, now, to smoke. But, as a nonsmoker I can see the wisdom in it. And a lot of my nonsmoking friends have told me that they will start coming out to see these bands about which I rave, as soon as the smoking ban starts.

I will be back at this bar on 2/7, so it will be interesting to see the difference after an entire week without smoke.

What my camera did not capture was the sign on the wall next to the toilet: