Wednesday, January 16, 2008

They spell it "s.a.p."

"Christine, can you show me the special way you crack the eggs so the shells come off?"

So I did. It's not brain surgery, folks!

"Mom, it's too cold for me to walk to the bus stop, because my hair is wet. And I can't wear that leather jacket you bought for me, even though it's below freezing."

So I drove them to the bus stop, which is all of .2 mile from the house.

I am a wife and mother. Spell it S.A.P.


ALF said...

what would they do without you?

Christine said...

Hubby and I joke that if I left, they'd be making "garbage angels" on the living room floor within 24 hours.

Maureen said...

Hah! Ain't it the truth...