Friday, March 21, 2008

Amy Winehouse Knows Some Stuff

I know, I know, Girlfriend is a hot mess and it's irresponsible to like her and we should all shun her until she gets herself together and she's no Nina Simone and all that. But I love this song today.


Sue said...

I lurve this song! She's got mad talent, even though she's, as you said, a mess right now.

Anonymous said...

Her life's a trainwreck right now, for sure, but that song is pure genius! The rest of the CD is fabulous too - you should get it if you haven't already ;o)
PS. The original version of that song on the CD isn't bleeped out either - definitely not for listening to with kids about!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Drat! I had no idea it was irresponsible to like her!

One of the DJs here plays a children's set in the mornings. Just three songs & the first time I ever heard her was when he played Rehab the very next song after the third children's song. He absolutely won me over for life that day! :-)

Christine said...

Penelope-yes we have both CDs and I listen to them all the time. Back to Black is some SAD music. Listen to that for a few hours and you are SUNK.

Jill--Yes, I have had several people tell me they refuse to listen to her music until she is off the drugs and such.

Honestly, she is about the only young person who, when I see her, I think "That poor girl is going to die soon," but I still like her stuff.

Ms. Q said...

Yeah, I love this song as well - Ricardo (of Unloaded) had posted about her ages ago (this song, too!) and I love sultry female singing voices. I have this album and it's a great one. I don't follow celebrity news but even the headlines are enough to indicate that Amy has some big problems.

I listened to that album (can't recall the title) over and over for a while but can't really listen to it these days as I umm, would like to find my soul mate and that album is pretty much about "I done him wrong", "He done me wrong" and "love is pain" and suchlike. Not exactly "I'm in the mood for looooove..." music.

But she is waay talented.