Monday, March 31, 2008

I hate Word Pad

Last week, I spilled a beverage near my computer. Not ON, mind you. NEAR. And apparently some seeped under it and killed it.

I am in a mood most foul.

I am on my second loaner computer. My data is safe. But I don't have Microsoft Word on here, or the program to use my printer, or the program to look at the photos I took to go along with the article I'm working on.

Everything takes extra steps. And I am stuck writing in Word Pad. I HATE Word Pad. It is taking me forever to finish writing, because it's just not smoooooth, like MS Word.

On the bright side, hating my computer means I'm spending less time chatting and more time doing laundry. Our towels are April Fresh.

I hate Word Pad.


Sue said...

Have you tried Google Documents?

April fresh... sounds like my towels.

ALF said...

I don't think I've ever used Word Pad but I hate it too because it has angered you.

jtj3 said...

I've found the only thing Word Pad is good for is writing text files. Other than that...PFFFT. Big piece of crapola and big waste of time...