Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great Name for a Band

Hubby's band is getting ready to play out, soon. I am BEYOND PSYCHED about this. I have wanted Hubby to be in a band with this particular singer for years.


Ok. But although they are having a great time and getting tight together, they can't choose a band name. Nothing fits, yet.

So this morning Hubby sent me a list of the latest contenders. Which do you like? And, if you can think of any others, PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME.

Downward Spiral
Attention Deficit
Repeat Offender
Dry Heaves
Drunken Stupor
Storm Warning
Mid Atlantic Dawn
Chasing Sky
Cold Fire
Nether World
Ghost Water
Wicked Season
Never Surrender
Basket Case
Terra Firma
Chumming for Rock
Hung Jury
The Coolidge Effect
Killer Plankton
Oyster Shooter
Slack Tide
Dead Reckoning
Poet's Justice
Rock Box
Misfit Toys
Noble Savage
The Klink
Precious Bodily Fluids
Half Deaf
Mood Disorder
The Fast and the Curious
Rock in a Hard Place
Private Snowball
Major Malfunction
Lost Weekend
Backdoor Men
Cock and Bull
Hair of the Dog
Reverse Cowgirl
Fender Bender
Show us Your Tits
Not the Father
Spam Filer
Designated Drinker
Witness Protection Program
Worth the Hangover
Boxers, not Briefs
The Hung Dynasty
Happy Ending
Storm Surge

Sky Lab
Toxic Shock
Chumming for Rock
Trouble in the Cockpit
Reach Around
Follow The Money
Show Me The Money
Heat Seeking (or Seekers, Seekers, etc)
Category 5 (or 6)
Napalm in the Morning
Sometimes you eat the Bear
Coin Slot
The Myth of Fingerprints
The Coolidge Effect
Slack Tide
Reverse Cowgirl
Hard Crabs
Spam Filter
Witness Protection Program
Designated Drinker
Worth the Hangover
Boxers not Briefs
The Hung Dynasty
Happy Ending
Storm Surge
Butt Floss
Voodoo Highway
The Stalkers
Repeat Offender


Sue said...

Thatsa lotta names!

Reverse Cowgirl might not go over so well, but I giggled anyway.

BUT, what really jumped out at me from the entire list was


Seriously. It just 'sang'. Then again, I'm a weirdo.

Andrea said...

I'm not going to be much help here, because I'm liking too many of them. Here are my top five.

Chasing Sky
Terra Firma
Killer Plankton
Hair of the Dog
Lusbians (just 'cuz I like saying it)

Add these two, only 'cuz I'm missing The Office really bad:

*Thats What She Said

ALF said...

that might be the longest list I've ever read.

I like Wanderlust

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh I like loads of them too!

Hung Jury and Poet's Justice and Dead Reckoning all very good!

I also thought "Great Name for a Band" could be a great name for a band Ha!

Finally, what about "Bass Players Rock", just know ;o)

Can we see them in action here sometime??

Beth said...

I coudln't get past 'Lusbians.'

Lusbians. Definitely.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I liked

the stalkers
the myth of fingerprints
designated drinker

Maybe frankenfish too.

AmyB said...

Oh my - so many wonderful choices...
I like Attention Deficit
Lusbians (yes, fun to say)
Dead Reckoning
Worth The Hangover....which they will be :)

BrentD said...

The Coolidge Effect I would say.

Happy Friday.

Ms. Q said...

I am probably not the best person to choose a band name since I'm outta the media loop and am not any market's target audience. BUT:

I liked:

Chasing Sky
Voodoo Highway
Storm Surge
Witness Protection Program

How about:

-Power Surge
-Moonshine (or Moon Shine)
-Tattoo Video
-Rock Scissors Paper (or Roshambo or some variation of RSP)
-Thought (or Mind) Police (but maybe we don't need another band with "Police" in the name)
-Razing Cain
-Hard Target

For all I know these are existing band names!