Saturday, March 08, 2008

He's traded in his 40-year-old for a pair of 16-year-olds

Ever since last summer, when I took the boys to a barbecue and music festival, Son #1 has been asking when he can see ACME Blues Company again.

WHYYYY can't I go?

WHYYYYYY can't I go, just because it's in a bar?

WHHHYYYYYY can't I go, just because you hang out with your old people friends when you go see them?

WHENNNNNN can I go see them again?

He guarantees me that he would do ANYTHING to go. That he loves their music (and he, like all the Sons, does indeed sing along to the entire CD.) And as a budding left-handed bassist, he says that he would "go all Fan Girl on Wolf," ACME's left-handed bass player.

This weekend, the younger two Sons are out of town. And ACME is playing, just about 40 minutes from home. A little far for me to go alone, is not a bar. It is an actual RESTAURANT. With no dance floor, but, I can bring teens.

He was all hot to go. Really looking forward to it. And then.

Some girls he know invited him to a concert at their school.

Suddenly, he is not going. Which may mean I am not going. Because, of course, I will be required to transport Sons #1 and 2 to this concert.


Ugh, the injustice. And to think: 12 years ago, he handed me a Ring Pop and asked me to marry him.


Anonymous said...

At least you still have your super-dooper-bass-playing-backgammoning husband, if that's any consolation? ;o)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Awwww! I'm sorry you (might not? sort of skipped to the middle in an attempt to catch up in order) go BUT SO SWEET on the ring pop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!