Friday, March 07, 2008

Hooooo, boy!

The past couple of days have been hectic. An interview. Two doctor's appointments. Several trips to take Son #1 see The Girl. Tae kwon do, three days in a row. Open Mic, last night (you didn't think I'd skip blues jam, did you?)

The Sons continue to eat us out of house and home, so I am going to the grocery store like I expect Brangelina to be handing out free diamond tennis bracelets in the parking lot, any minute. And, of course, the gym, because I am hooked on it.

As always, the dog needs walking. Because it really doesn't make a lick of difference, to him, whether he goes on the rug, on a pile of clean laundry a Son swore he put away, or outside. He could go either way. It's totally up to us. Really. He's flexible, like that.

Sons #3 and 4 have discovered the joys of bread baking. The house is full of the aroma of freshly baked bread, and the happy sounds Hubby makes when he takes a bite. It is also full of globs of bread dough, and drifts of flour and sugar and yeast. Because they think they clean up after themselves. They really do.

Although Son #1 enjoys using Hubby's bathrobe, more than his own, his REAL favorite is his comforter. Of course, once he is done with it, he'll just drop it. Like this morning---the hall bathroom has all his dirty clothes from last night AND a queen-sized comforter, on the floor. And dental floss. He also deposited a hairbrush in the box of peaches on the kitchen table. Ooogh.

All this to say, I haven't done laundry in two days, or dishes, since yesterday morning. I woke up and took a look and thought, "Hooooo, boy! I am not ready for this!"

But now that I've enjoyed my latest breakfast fad, bran flakes, and taken a moment to kvetch to the blogosphere, I feel much better.

I think I'll go clean the kitchen. Probably won't rush to eat a peach, though. They are fuzzier than is natural.


Anonymous said...

...and I thought I had it tough! Go pour yourself a HUGE drink and let them clear up after themselves ;o)

ALF said...

Can I come visit your house? I promise to clean up after myself!

Christine said...

Thanks for the drink, Penelope. I have a giant glass of water at my elbow, and am down to just 2 kids for the weekend, and things are looking much less bleak.

And ALF, absolutely you can. I'll take you out dancing (and ensure you hear Folsom Prison Blues--I have connections) and to the gym, and to the grocery store, and you can pick out WHATEVER FANCY FRUIT YOU LIKE, even kumquats. Not that you would. It'd be fun.

amanda said...

Fresh Bread...mmmm..I LOVE fresh bread.

Sue said...

Oh... It's there (the confession) if you want to do a little digging. I moved it from the front-running spot back in time a little.

Or I could just tell you, but then again I don't want to. haha.

I don't think I will look at peaches the same way now...

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Mine do that too - why do they always THINK they clean up after themselves?!?!? The bread sounds almost worth it though...'cept, if I felt like cleaning up, I could bake bread *myself*. :-0