Saturday, March 29, 2008

What launched hubby out of bed, this afternoon?

"You are being a TOTAL MONSTER on this, Mom! SCREW YOU!"

Seconds later, Hubby was across the hall, hands on a certain Son's collar, explaining that he. will. not. tolerate. that. kind. of. talk.

And I am glad he stepped up for me. The Sons need to know that Dad and Mom are on the same page.

The funny thing is, Dad is the one who had come down harder. Dad was the one who made the decision the Son didn't like. I guess it is easier to shout down at your Mom, than up at your Dad.

At issue? He wanted a ride to a friend's house, and for Very Valid Reasons we told him he had to ride his bike, instead.

I'm a total monster. So screw me.


ALF said...

Yey for Hubby - that's awesome!

You are a total monster though. So screw you.

No, just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Geez it's hard isn't it? At least you have the super-bass-playing-hubby right there to back you up. My ex and I are not always on the same page and he isn't here to back me up. So far only 50% of my kids are bigger than me, and he's the one without the temper!

Andrea said...

Good for him! Good for you! I love a man that stands up for the wife. You gotta good one Christine.

Ms. Q said...

That is so great! I'm not a parent but I do think that parents should present a united front!

Children are very good at looking for weakness. Heck, people in general look for ways to get what they want! Which might be why you got shouted at than Hubby - not just because your Retribution might not be as swift or as physical but maybe, just maybe, you might be more hurt.

Not that kids intentionally try t hurt their parents - it's just that they don't get what they want and they lash out! Their immaturity is valid. Unlike some folks who never outgrow lashing out!

Cynthia said...

Way to go Hubby!!

Ya know, I've always thought of you as unreasonable and such...NOT!
Keep tough there my friend. Hopefully in a few the DS that we have known and loved for so long will emerge again!

So, wanna go get Dim Sum???

: )

Sue said...

I had to laugh outloud at this. It reminds me of my daughter who, at all of nine years of age, thinks anything that doesn't go as she'd like it to is a result of super bad parenting.

Example: "You are such a good parent." She says sardonically, because I told her she had to clean her room before she could call her friend.


Christine said...

Ms Q--you are exactly right. Their immaturity is valid. Sometimes I look at the Sons, and grit my teeth, and think, "they...aren't...cooked...yet...I...don'"

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I don't necessarily agree 100% with the united front thing because I think there are times when it can cause its own problems, but I DO think you have to have each other's backs that way. I want to say Yay for hubby too, but in reality, what other choice did he have?!? I might have to eat my words when I have a teen here pretty soon but I'm thinking if hubby were willing to let swearing at mom slide, it would be a seriously slippery slope. Too funny on them not being cooked!!!!!!