Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dave Brubeck's Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everybody!

My sister and my parents are coming down for the evening, bringing a pork roast and the Egg Hunt and a pie. I am in charge of everything else, which is why I am blogging, instead of scrubbing my bathrooms or peeling potatoes.

So let me just say that Blue Rondo a la Turk is great kitchen music on an Easter Sunday. I'm in here on a borrowed computer, because my own machine died on me last night (something about a spilled beverage)...and with Dave's assistance, I feel a little less like I am going through the holiday motions when my heart's not in it, and a little more like it's a beautiful spring day.

Oh, and I love those malted milk balls.

At about this point, Poky Redhead is shaking her head. "Christine? Do you have ADD or something? What does any of this have to do with anything?"

And it doesn't. I'm just rambling. So, Happy Easter to all of you. Lots of love. From Christine.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Chrstine, Uber-cool-bass-playing-hubby and all of your boys!
From The P's :o)

People in the Sun said...

Who doesn't love malted balls?

Christine said...

Thanks, Penelope! Right back atcha!

People--Poky Redhead's husband called them "moth balls"....which makes me think he was not a fan. So, apparently, there is one guy.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. So there really IS someone who doesn't love malt balls?!?!?!? Who'da thunk?

Andrea said...

Happy Belated Easter! I LOVE malted milk balls and really, really, really,love those candy coated malted milk eggs, the kind that the candy comes off in nice whitish film and you spread on your lips like lipstick. Come on, all know you did that as little girls.

ALF said...

malted milk balls are awesome.