Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Growing up, just about the angriest thing my mother could say to me was that I was JUST LIKE HER--my grandmother. She always meant that I was exhibiting some of her mother-in-law's worst qualities.

I am starting to think that, for good or ill, I am a lot like Granma Bolz. And even though that includes her faults, I don't mind.

When she passed away, she left me one of her coctail rings. It was a little loose to be a pinky ring, and too tight to wear anywhere else, so I stuck it in a drawer. But this week I had it sized to fit my middle finger. I've been wearing it and it feels like it belongs on me. I think that if she were a 40-year-old woman, we'd get along famously and understand each other.

And probably also drive my mother nuts.

Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!


Sue said...

Ahahaha. Awh.

I don't always get along with my mother-in-law (it's been muddy, rut-infested road, but at the moment we're on solid ground).

It amazes me though sometimes how alike my son and husband are to her, and at times I can really appreciate it. Physically, they all have the same silhouette, except for my son's chin cleft. It's funny. Personality wise they all just seem to be... alike.

Sue said...

Oh, oh, except for Joel being an airhead like me! (should I have admitted to that?)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

I'm lucky I get along pretty well with my ex MIL. So hopefully if either of my kids take after her, it will be okay.

Sounds neat on the ring!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!!