Sunday, July 20, 2008

4 random sentences

Stolen from Shamelessly Sassy:

I am a crappy communicator, even though I do it for money; actually, I think that is WHY I do it for money.

The Sons have a friend over to spend the night; everyone in the family has a crush on Guitar Boy.

If I use a curling iron, I can delay getting a haircut for a very long time.

I buy pink stuff so the boys won't lose it for me.


Shamelessly Sassy said...

yay. i am growing my hair out right now. I can't wait until it is long again and I can use a curling iron.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh that's a good idea on the pink stuff. Did you know they even have pink blenders now?

ALF said...

I need a haircut.