Thursday, July 24, 2008

I hate Sears AND Roebucks

Well, not entirely. But I hate that their crappy repair system means I have been without a washer for weeks on end.

Two nights ago, Son #3 and Son #4 fought over a shirt. Basically the last clean shirt that either one can fit in that is not meant for winter.

Yesterday, Son #1 borrowed boxers from Hubby, so he could go to work.

Last night, after cleaning out the gutters and trimming hedges, I fell asleep in my yard cleaning gear in part because I knew the sheets were already stank and also in part because I only have Fredericks of Hollywood gear left, for night.

Today, I am taking it all to the laundromat because THIS IS RIDONCULOUS. We need clothes.

So here it is: note that it is attempting to swallow my coffee table and the electric piano. With some success.

Here, also, is a photo of it inside my minivan. The minivan we purchased because it had more passenger space than any other car we could find. Yeah. See? I wasn't kidding. Lots of laundry.

UPDATE: I spent 4.5 hours in the laundromat, Thursday afternoon. That comes to 37 loads of laundry. Between loading machines and unloading them and folding stuff and all that, I spent all of 20 minutes sitting still. Between that, and spin class, and a night of dancing at the Country Store, I am a bit on the sore side, this morning. But at least my living room is no longer under attack.

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