Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Uncharacteristically Shoppy

I took today off.

For most of you, that means you stayed home from work, right? But since I am 95% Stay At Home Mom and 5% Freelance Writer Who Works in the Living Room, home is not a place to relax. It is a place to look around and fret about all the stuff I have not yet accomplished. So, today, I zigged when I would have zagged. I went to the Mall.

Yeah, ME. Christine. I actually did. Had a great time, too.

--Nice, long drive both ways. I love driving.
--I smelled everything in Yankee Candle, and bought one.
--I had a long conversation with the woman at Victoria's Secret. What is it about those women? They love to talk. And I bought some stuff. Ooh, baby.
--Unfortunately, I also got waxed. Which normally would be no big deal, or even pretty cool, from a New Lingerie perspective. But today I am covered in bruises. Who knew? So, you know, a little bit less "ooh, baby" than I might have been.
TMI Update: For those who asked, I am bruised because next week is The Most Wonderful Time of the Month. Apparently, that is not a good time to have a bikini waxing done, because, well, duh, you are full of blood down there.
--I took my external flash in for repair, with just 6 days to spare on the warrantee. Hubby's record keeping ROCKS!
--Had a long conversation with the woman selling Dead Sea Salt beauty products, while she exfoliated my hands. That stuff is awesome.
--Sat in a midrange restaurant and picked at a delicious salad while chugging iced tea and not telling boys to get their elbows off the table. Ahhh....thinking entire thoughts, to conclusion, and no one there to ask for my croutons.
--I roamed a couple of department stores, just for fun. Didn't have to buy anything, didn't have to round up the kids.

All in all, it was AWESOME.

I think maybe I will do that one again.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yike! I had no idea you could get bruises from waxes!!!!!! One more thing on my worry list... The one I always worry about with waxes is, all that tugging and pulling. It makes me wonder if I'll get wrinkles on my underarms before other places from having the skin tugged on all the time. And my other neurosis about waxing is that I'll get to be all wrinkly and old and I won't be ABLE to get waxes anymore, because instead of the hairs coming out maybe the skin will just stretch & stay on the strip. But it never occurred to me to worry about bruising!

I usually consider the mall a place of last resort & someplace to get in and out of as quickly as possible only when you absolutely can't find what you need somewhere else, but the whole not telling anyone to keep their elbows off the table does sound appealing. BTW, you still have to do that when they're teens?!?!?! My son's ten and I thought the concept should be taking by now...

Glad you had a nice day off all in all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALF said...

I'm with Jill on this one - the mall usually makes me very anxious and angry because, well, the people in there are an accurate representation of where society is headed and I do not like any of them.

But I am so glad to hear that you have a nice mall that allows you to relax and have a great day!

Sue said...

Bruises? Ouch. Are you anemic?

I am with you on the shopping. It doesn't happen often for me, but every now and then I find some pleasure in it.

Anonymous said...

Heaven! Well, apart from the waxing thing which I quit after...ummm...one try.
Nothing like a little "me time"...except Chardonnay, that counts too ;o)

pinkpuffysleeves said...

Okay, even with the, er, bruising, how nice to have a day ALONE. I just cannot imagine!