Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is UP with Yahoo?

Lately, Yahoo has been a pain in my neck.

Mail shows up in my inbox long enough for me to see it, and then seconds later completely disappears. (So, hey, if you are waiting for a response from me I probably didn't get a chance to read your email)

Messenger skips stuff. As in, I'll write something and the other person never sees it. Or they do, and I never see it. But sometimes the missing text shows up in a transcript, if you print it out. What is THAT?

Several times a day, my "contacts" list disappears, so that I look like I have zero contacts. I live in terror that this will become a permanent situation and I'll lose all kinds of important people.

They'll tell me I have unread messages in my inbox, but...wait a minute or two before actually allowing those messages to show up IN my inbox.

Anybody know what is UP with these guys? Gah.


Sue said...

This is why I use Gmail. It just works better. I still have a yahoo account, but I never use it anymore except for freecycle and flickr.

People in the Sun said...

And the new Yahoo mail sucks. And they raised the price of domains from $10 to $35. And their ads are really really annoying and take too much space. And they have a cute little guy you're supposed to want to play with while you check your email like anyone gives a damn. And they destroyed My Yahoo. And they're a few years behind the curve, really. I'm slowly moving to gmail.

Ms. McCallum said...

So glad to know someone else is having these issues! I thought it was just me!