Monday, July 07, 2008

One of THOSE days

I am a stay-at-home-mom. That means I clean and read to my children and bake cookies, right?

Actually, today I did not do any of that.

From 9am to noon, I fought by fax, phone and email to get:
--repairs expedited for my washer
--a rental washer until the repairs are done
--insurance coverage for several covered expenses about which the insurance people are being jerks
--service on our gutters, which the gutter service people say are "not clogged" although we watch water sheet over them during every rainfall

I only left my desk long enough to throw a heap of beach towels on the basement bathroom floor, when the toilet overflowed.

I then took a shower, made my daily frozen mocha, and ran errands:
Blockbuster return (I liked The Darjeeling Limited. Hubby was less enthused)
Bank transfers
Oriental Market to buy shrimp chips (yes, they are worth a trip)
Chamber of Commerce to pick up a copy of the book I worked on in May and June
Dropped Son #1 off at a job interview, and picked him up
Picked up Hubby's dry cleaned jacket
Dropped off the recycling
Dropped off a bag at the thrift store and shopped while I was there
Hit the post office to return some Lands' End purchases
Ran by the opthalmologist's office, hoping he could help me renew my driver's license by mail (can't, but maybe that is a blessing, as my old license photo is horrific)

Got home with just a few sips of mocha left in my cup. Took off the lid and found---the blade to my blender. It is dead. So, looks like I will be shopping for a new blender. I think we are going to invest in a Vita-Mix, because everyone swears they last forever.

But first, I have an article to write. And chicken to fry...


Sue said...

I've had days similiar to this, only with different chores and chips. Shrimp chips sound yummy, though.

Anonymous said...

You just reminded me to take in my dry-cleaning - thanks! ;o)
Seriously, that's quite some day. I do hope there was a glass of wine at the end of it??

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Life spackle...I hate that stuff.

Shrimp chips - those things MUST be awfully darn good! Of course, I imagine they could do your heart in pretty quickly seeing as shrimp already has so much cholesterol even without whatever it is they do to it to make it into a chip...

ALF said...

That sounds like more fun than putting up with crappy people at a crappy job.

Chris said...

Holy cow! You certainly deserved the "Super Mom" award yesterday! Hope it got better for you today! :)

Cynthia said...

You are gonna LOVE the VitaMix!!!!!