Friday, July 25, 2008

Blues Jam--what next?

Blues Jam was last night. Fun as always, except...Wave, Mark and Cara are all moving away.

You heard me: WAVE IS LEAVING.

This is a crisis of epic proportions, both social and musical. But at least we all got hugs out of it.

On the bright side, Son #1 was back, playing well and having fun and subject to flirting by much older women.
Also good: we seem to have created a sort of Dance Craze. See me doing The Doug with, well, Doug, and Connie. Pardon my fatrolls. While they are magnificent, they are not the point of this photo.


Beth said...

Jay wants to know where they gig and what kind of musician they need. He plays an extremely mean guitar and sings. We will be living in Alexandria in a coupla weeks.

Christine said...

Wave sings and plays harmonica and is a great frontman. I don't know if he's going to be replaced, in any of his local bands. But they both have guitarists out the wazoo...