Monday, July 28, 2008

Calling all Republicans: an Obama poll

This morning I read yet another article in which a Democrat claimed that race would be a factor in the Presidential race: the implication being that if Obama loses, it will be because people won't vote for him because he's black.

I hear this a lot, always coming from an Obama supporter.

But I have yet to meet a Republican who says they're planning to vote for McCain because he is white, or who lists Obama's race as a factor in their decision making process. I am pretty well convinced that this is just a bullshit argument. Heck, conservatives can find all kinds of reasons not to like Obama. It's not like we're all a bunch of racists, you know. We just disagree with him. Or dislike him. Or are terrified that Obama in the White House means terrorists in the streets of the US.

So, prove me wrong, Internet.

If you are going to vote McCain, or write in someone else's name (I'm talking to YOU, Richard!) or will be staying away from the polls on election day at least somewhat because Obama is partially of African descent, please email me, or comment anonymously here, and let me know. I'll post a tally (but no names or email addresses or blog links--not trying to start anything! really!) of those who say that Obama's race is a factor.

I realize this is completely unscientific. But...honestly. The whole thing seems ridiculous.

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Ms. McCallum said...

I would have voted for Condy Rice in a heartbeat as a a Republican, so color is not an issue at all.