Monday, November 26, 2007

At least my blog is kinda intelligent

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On a semi-related note, a book fair came to the Sons' high school today. Son #2 looked, but soon realized he had no money and no interest in the books on offer, which, according to him, were not worth reading.

"Maybe they ARE high-school-appropriate books, but I think by the time you're in high school the only books worth reading are adult novels. Not 'Eleven Ways to Remain Celibate', which was pretty much all they had."

He has a penchant for exaggeration, my boy does.


Andrea said...

My blog is college, post-grad. It's writing all those darn government grants. I'm too formal. Gonna have to start breakin' it down for ya'll.

Ms. Q said...

Mine is "Elementary Level" and like you, I use the word, "Kinda". Seems like many bloggers are doing this "readability" test - I first learned about it from Sue's blog (she also entered my Postcard Contest) and I left a rambling (but hopefully readable) comment:

The gist of my comment was that while my EGO would like me to come across as smart, the spiritual me would rather be more approachable.

An ego-based argument that I recently thought of was it takes creative intelligence to make something complicated understandable. The best teachers know how to do this!

I would guess that parables and homilies would come across as "grade school" but that's the beauty of them, right? We understand.

My blog started out as more formal and a friend recently told me that in the past few months my writing has changed and that I come across as more open and warmer!

But part of me wishes that I had a grad-level rating! I tell myself...EGO, EGO! Ego-be-gone!iu

Christine said...

Yeah, I am not too worried about seeming Intelligent. I would much rather be readable and approachable.

Honestly, I think these tests give random results, anyway. I don't think my blog is any harder to read than yours, or easier to read than Andrea's.

Or, if it is, the differences are very slight. Certainly not the stuff of years of education.

La Chanson de Phoenix said...

I understood what Ms. Q. was saying. It's better with a lower level because more people will understand your material. But the higher levels do stroke the ego some.