Thursday, November 08, 2007


We have bats in our attic. A whole little family. Maybe six bats, altogether. They huddle on the screen at the end of our attic.

Every winter, they leave for Mexico, or so the agricultural extension people say. They also say that bat guano is the best fertilizer on the planet. Which is fabulous, but I have zero interest in gardening.

There are 2 kinds of people, so far:

People who wax rhapsodic about the happy plants I'd have, if I let my bats live in peace in my attic.


People who completely freak out, and are certain we're all going to get rabies, if we don't kill all the bats.

According to the agricultural extension people, killing the bats is not only unnecessary, it is just bad mojo. They suggested, last year, that we find where they go in and out, and block it. We did that. Hubby and I found the chewed piece of screen, and removed it, and replaced it with heavy-duty, pest-proof screen.

The bats did not care. They returned, this summer. They are more powerful than the staples that we used to attach the screen. They LOVE our attic.

So, it's getting cold, again. The bats should be moving soon.

Poky Redhead suggested I get an electronic pest annoying machine, to confuse the bats upon their return. Plug it in, it makes crazy soundwaves, the bats hate it, they leave. I bought one, today.

Son #1 says it would be better to just let him shoot them all, with his airsoft gun.

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Ms. Q said...

I like bats. Theoretically. I say convert your attic to a belfry. Hehehe.

Maybe you can buy a bathouse and stick in outside of the house? I like bats but not so much into guano.