Saturday, November 10, 2007

Boy Biting Update

It was in my gym bag.

I owe Son #2 a Coke.

And just to prove that I realize I am totally in the wrong here, I'm leaving BOTH posts up.


Cynthia said...'s just THAT funny!

ALF said...

oh man!

ALF said...

also, there is a banana sitting on my counter - you can have it.

SherryTex said...

Oh, I hate when I just KNOW I'm right and I'm so very wrong...hope he enjoyed his soda.

Christine said...


Yes, he is very happy with his Coke.

"The best part of 'I owe you a Coke' is just knowing there's a Coke pending," he says.

He is sipping it smugly, and will probably make it last all weekend, just so he can wave the bottle at us all. "Mom had to get me this because she accused me of hiding her hair straightener and IT WAS IN HER GYM BAG ALL ALONG."

Ms. Q said...

Coke in a bottle? Wow. That IS a treat. If the iron was in the gym ga, how did the "jewfro" occur?

I had to laugh at that!