Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Male readers, please feel free to walk around the cabin

Because right now, I am in Female Panic Mode. Why? Because I weighed myself yesterday, as I do each month, and I have gained 2 lbs.

Two damn pounds, and I feel like I need to breathe into a paper bag.

"Look," I tell myself. "I am a happily married, educated, financially secure woman with healthy, happy children and a budding career. My parents are healthy. My sister is dating someone who may end up part of the family. I love my blog (and people read it!). I get to go out, a couple times a month, to dance to music I enjoy and hang out with Hubby and have my ass grabbed (literally and figuratively) by guys who tell me how hot I am. I have friends I love, who love me back. I am, in short, in an enviable spot in life."

But what do I remember?


Gah. No wonder men think women are crazy.


ALF said...

I can totally relate. It is ok. You can feel frantic and panicked for as long as you want. It will go away eventually.

Um, I have no idea how to spell panicked. That looks like pancaked. Without the k though, it just looks wrong. I could look it up or I could just write here about how I don't know how to spell.

Andrea said...

Come to think of it...I think that is right, otherwise it would be paniced. So not righ...

Ms. Q said...

I understand. I wish my self-esteem weren't as wrapped up in my weight as it is but dang! I've somehow managed to get my weight to some un-heard of low (haven't been this weight in YEARS - thought it was something I had to accept being 42 and all) and now I gave this "new" weight (still lower than ever) and when I gain a pound (it fluctuates slightly) I'm suddenly ginormous!

In fact, in ONE DAY I gained 2 pounds and while one part of me is saying (Uh...PMS...) the other part of me is saying ("Despite evidence to the contrary I'm FREAKIN' FAT!")


So I hear ya about the whole panicking thing.