Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rhinestones vs Diamonds: A Tutorial

In my shopping online for Christmas presents, I found myself a cute little ring. It arrived the other day.

The Sons were shocked that I would buy myself a diamond ring, because those are EXPENSIVE. So I explained that this was only rhinestones, and cost me less than $12, including shipping.

Son #1 then opined that you can't tell the difference between diamonds and rhinestones, so only a moron would buy diamonds. This proves, in my mind, that he is a guy. Because you CAN tell the difference, and because only a man who doesn't love you would buy you rhinestones.

I explained this. "A woman can buy herself rhinestones. But an engagement ring needs to be a real diamond."

"Well, then, just buy rhinestones and tell her it's diamonds, and then use all the money you saved to buy yourself a car or a video game system or something."

Perhaps, when this comes up again, I will explain the charm of giving your future bride something she could hock, in extreme circumstances. Maybe that would appeal to his sense of practicality.


Sherry said...

Suggest you illustrate the difference by making two glasses of chocolate drink, one with hershey's syrup and the other with ovaltine. Ask him which one he'd rather have served with dinner for the next year. It should drive the point home.

Christine said...

Well, Son #1 hates milk. But you have inspired me:

His best friend is a vegetarian. I think I will give him the "turkey/tofurky" comparison, instead.

Jill said...

Yeah let's just hope that one's NOT the son dating the crazies!!!! :-0 :-0 :-0

I've never tried it, but I heard that tofurkey stuff really isn't that bad!

:-) ;-)