Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lingerie (warning! TMI!)

After yesterday's blind panic, I did the counter-intuitive thing and put on something sexy. Hubby was appreciative. Which, naturally, put me right back in my happy place. (didn't hurt that my weight was down this morning, though I vow to stay off the scale for another month so as to not go completely batshit crazy).

He also felt a little sheepish that he didn't own anything he considered equally sexy.

What on earth could a man wear, in bed, to look sexier than a naked man?

"That doesn't leave much to the imagination," he said. But, speaking just as ME, I told him I don't think women think that way.

"Women don't have an imagination?" he asked.

But I don't think that's it. We just don't go in for the "little scrap of fabric covering the naughty bits".

So, I was thinking...what looks good on a man?

I have come up with the following list:

Work clothes: either spiffy office duds, or that grimy busted-knuckle thing. I can confirm this by the way my friend VeggieBlonde rhapsodizes about men in white, oxford cloth shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Ooh, she gets that dreamy look in her eyes.

Clubbing clothes. Not too prissy, just dress up a bit, ok, guys? The guy in the suit, who then dirty dances with you while managing not to spill his beer, looks good, most nights. And of course the tuxedo, if the circumstances merit.

Good shoes. But I mentioned this to a friend and she looked at me like I was nuts. Apparently I have a female version of the foot fetish. I have a real thing for a certain style of men's shoe. Gotta go buy some for Hubby.

And let us not forget the Marlboro Man. There is a guy I see from time to time, who is clearly not from the Happy Boondocks. Or, at least, not MY area of Boondockery. He is always in the tight little jeans, boots, leather jacket and cowboy hat. I never would have thought that was going to spin my wheels, but I tell ya, that guy moseys by and I take notice. I think if you can manage that look, you should give it a try. But you've gotta be trim. (As a chunky chick, I apologize for that requirement. I feel your pain, big men. I'm just tellin' it like it is.)

Playful clothing, also fun. A friend of ours wears Fun Stuff. You know, work shirts with weird names on them, tuxedo shirts with jeans, Chucks with his suit...the man looks great. But he is wearing Confidence, more than the clothes. And yes, he is also the only man who comes to mind who can wear an earring and not look ridiculous, to me. Women latch onto him so much, they stop other women just to shake their heads and say, "If he weren't married, I would be ALL OVER THAT." (I know, because a woman pulled me aside to say just that, a few weeks ago).

So as I thought of these various things I thought, "None of that sounds like lingerie."

The closest I could come was the jeans-and-no-shirt look. But, again, that one pretty much requires you can carry off the Marlboro Man, only better.

Any other options out there, that I have neglected?


Andrea said...

Mean wearing pj bottoms only. Sexy. definitly sexy.

I also find the smell of clorox on my man sexy. That means he's been cleaning the house and that is all the foreplay I need. Dust over there honey.

Christine said...

Yes! Love the PJ bottoms! Especially if I get to wear the tops. "So 1950s musical!"

And I don't believe I've ever smelled Clorox on Hubby. But, um, SMELLS should be a whole 'nuther post.

ALF said...

I must say you did an excellent job with those. I totally agree!

I also love a guy in a hooded sweatshirt. Not quite sure why.

Also, a baseball hat. Not all the time but once in awhile.

Christine said...

OK, I can totally see the appeal of the hoodie.

But the baseball cap? I am not convinced. I will have to keep my eyes open for baseball caps, to see if any do it for me.

Ms. Q said...

uh...if the guy is in decent shape, the James Dean look of tee shirt and jeans, good to go. I had NO IDEA I'd think this was HOT but if the guy has sculpted shoulders and abs (e.g. he's fit) - pseudo military (cargo pants) and a black tank .... dang. Dang and dang and dang.

I dated a guy who invited me over for dinner and greeted me in a black tank and cargo/hiking pants and uh...phew!

I take good care of myself so I think it's fair to expect a fit guy. I realize there are many less-than-fit wealthy men out there but personally, I'd rather be equals in both body and wealth. Much more fun!

Cynthia said...

Love your thoughts Christine!

I would add a snug knit shirt on a chest that is firm and musclular.

The first thing that popped into my mind was PJ bottoms and no shirt!

As for your DH, I am trying not to get a mental image....

I am thinking you're right about the differences in men and women. The clothing isn't as big of a turn on. We are not as visually led, I am more turned on by attitude and such...of course I like a fine dressed man....

Christine said...

Ms. Q-
Hubby, when not at work, all but lives in t-shirts and cargo pants. And the "fit guy, tank shirt" theory, I can see your point, but in practice, not gonna do it for me because I have 2 uncles who are "fit guys who wear tanks"'s too much like looking at my relatives, you know?

Yes, I felt a little squirmish with this post, because you and Andrea both know Hubby. But, um, ignore all mental pictures. Ya don't need that.

But I disagree with anyone who says men are more visually led. I can whip my head around for hotness just as fast as Hubby can. I think we just like looking at different things.

Those male lingerie type things---ick! Must be designed for gay guys only. Because I, at least, would be laughing too hard to follow through.

the frogster said...

I've had this discussion with my wife as well. I can't for the life of me understand why women don't dig guys in thongy g-string things. Some guys, anyway.

So I've decided that sexy man clothes are whatever I'm wearing.

ALF said...

I can't find a man in a tank top sexy. All their armpit hair is hanging out! Gross!

Kim said...

First, I've gained about EIGHT POUNDS this year. I know that panic in the below post.

Secondly, I vote for the Marlboro Man -- that or blacksmiths. I've been attracted to nearly every one I've know.

Christine said...

Frogster- You are probably spot-on. But if you could also wear The Shoes, you would be unstoppable.

Alf-I agree with you on the armpit curtains...not always the best thing. But I have been looking for baseball caps, the past day or so, and I'm afraid they are not doing it for Christine. Not that they are a deal-breaker, spark.

Kim-I have had "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" in my head for days. And I have a photo of a blacksmith I'm going to post for you...when I get my butt in gear.

Ms. Q said...

I can see your point about male relatives in tank tops totally wiping out the sexy idea.

Ooch, I forgot about the armpit hair curtain! Eewww! I haven't really seen that. I've noticed that even men (maybe 'cuz they have metrosexual "tendencies") get grossed out by their hair and will shave what they consider excess! I found this interesting. I've known men to shave their shoulders and trim their armpits and "neaten up" their, uh, groin area.

I'm always surprised by this but I probably could get used to it!

No hooded sweatshirts for me. I can see the PJ bottoms w/o shirt.

But overall? A guy that keeps in shape. Strong and toned...always sexy.

Christine said...

Ms. Q-

NO. I cannot stand the manscaping.

Gimme a man with the hair God intended. This, I say with absolute authority.

nexy said...

" Gimme a man with the hair God intended. This, I say with absolute authority."

i am so with christine on this one. hairy men are very sexy. and t-shirts, with cut-off sleeves. sweating. with the sun shining off his slick body.

somebody stop me.

Ms. Q said...

"Manscaping!!!" I'd never heard of that! That is so funny!

nexy: arrggggh on the visual! I'm single, no guy...ya tore-juhring me!