Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Son #1: Secret Chimp

Yesterday, I bought 2 bunches of bananas. I ate two bananas. Yum, I love bananas.

Today, I ate a banana.

The bananas are all gone.

Son #1 ate about 10 bananas, in less than 24 hours. Now I understand all those people who said that, with 4 sons, I would never be able to keep food in the house. Hubby has taken to hiding food he likes in a secret area of the house, because otherwise it is gone before he has a chance to eat any of it.

And yes, thank God, again, for SuperWalMart, home of abundant, cheap, beautiful produce.


ALF said...

um, that is a LOT of bananas. In case you didn't know. It sounds like fun at your house!

Christine said...

No kidding! I swear, I never thought I would need to buy two bunches of bananas, to be able to eat a couple.

And he is the only person in the house, other than me, who eats them. If all 4 kids liked bananas, I would never have enough on hand.

As it is, usually when I buy them, I break one off and stick it on my desk. Mom's Soul Banana: Do Not Eat.

Kim said...

You need to come to my house: no one ever eats the bananas I buy, they always go bad, but I keep frickin' buying 'em!

Kim Who Will Always Have a Banana For Christine (but bring your banana bread making supplies in the highly likely case that the in-house bananas will be brownish and mushy)

IN fact -- hold on.
I'm putting a post up just for you...

Kerry said...

OMG, how did my chimp get to your house??

Kim said...