Friday, November 23, 2007

He's gonna bring home the crazy

One of the Sons has a disturbing taste for crazy girls.

Sure, he likes normal girls, in theory. But in practice, the ones that make his heart go completely nuts are the ones who are nuts themselves. The Son comes by this honestly, on both sides of the family. Mom & Dad are the sanest people out there, but we each dated a little of the crazy before settling down. Trust me on this.

Is it just me, or are crazy teenagers craziER than they were, when I was dating?

Hubby and I approached this from slightly different angles.

"Well, Son, you might want to consider that a girl with a history of (doing that crazy thing that set Hubby & me off) might go REALLY crazy, in times of stress. Like when you break up with her, which you almost certainly will."

(that was me)

"Look. Women are crazy. Relationships bring OUT the crazy. You don't want to start with a girl who already (did the crazy thing that set Hubby & me off). Find a girl who, when she goes crazy, cries to her mother or plays guitar or writes poetry or yells at her friends or something."

(that was Hubby, who has 2 ex-girlfriends who were still crazy, at last check, even though he's been married for nearly 20 years. Hubby drove at least 2 women completely batshit, so he KNOWS from crazy girlfriends.)

The next day, while all the Sons were sleeping and Hubby was in the kitchen with me watching his morning coffee drip, I whispered to him,

"That's the one who's going to give us a crazy daughter in law. We're going to be driving him to sit in the emergency room with Crazy Girlfriend. It's just a matter of time."


Jill said...

It's tough having a disturbing taste for crazy, that's for certain. Good to hear you & your husband both managed to "settle down". There's hope yet, I see.

Actually, I think I'm taking a fair stab at "sane" this time around. In fact, I think ***I*** get to be the basket case in my current situation. :-) Hope your son tries the same before giving you a daughter in law OR ending up in the emergency room!

I like BOTH your husband and your approaches - very wise. :-)

Christine said...

Well, of course, it hit me later that maybe I am the crazy one.

I do have a crazy streak, at least, of late.

Andrea said...

I'm saving all these for when my boys decide to go after crazy. I'm trying to decide crazy better than skank?

Christine said...

Andrea, those are exactly the options my son has presented to me.

"Every girl in school is either a ho or what you and dad would call 'Craaaaazy' (He waves the giant air quotes for that). If I only went out with the perfect people, I'd never HAVE a girlfriend. They stopped MAKING the kind of girls you think are normal. What you call crazy IS normal."

And I find myself explaining that we did, indeed, have crazy AND skanky, back in the day. But that there was a possibility that you could FIND sane, decent people, if you were willing to look.

But, hey, I am willing to stipulate that "tormented members of the opposite sex" can and do have their charm---ya just have to weigh that against "not going crazy, myself".

The temptation to tell the Son about exboyfriends both crazy and sane is, well, it's there. But, heck, Hubby hasn't heard half these stories, so I better not start.

Cynthia said...

Goodness, Christine, I don't think we are old enough or prepared enough to be entering this phase...seriously!!!