Sunday, November 04, 2007

Working on my new website

Poky Redhead, who originally goaded me into launching this blog, has spent the past few months telling me to get off my butt, already, and revamp my out-of-date website. Add content! Make it my own! Advertise! Use it as an inspiration to write more, photograph more, and generally throw myself into the whole career thing, instead of thinking about it and painting my nails while listening to blues music.

Now, thinking, nail-painting, and blues definitely have their place. But Poky Redhead is right. It's time.

So, I am working on a new website. SiteBuilder makes the web site part pretty easy. But the deciding---that is a killer. What do I really want? Where do I want to go with this?

So, you know, when it's ready, I'll let you know. And your job is to look at it and tell me I am fabulous, and then tell all your friends that they need me. Are we all on board?


ALF said...

Got it. I'm ready.

Cynthia said...

I'm on it!!!!!