Friday, November 16, 2007


I'm doing my Christmas shopping on eBay, this year, if I can manage it. More cool stuff than is available in the Happy Boondocks, and no schlepping to the mall (which is an hour away, anyway).

But let me just say that shopping, and purchasing stuff, is a total waste of time.


ALF said...

I love shopping and buying presents. I have a present giving disorder - I always go totally overboard.

Ms. Q said...

I am not into shopping. Nuh-uh. My friends and I have an understanding - no presents unless well, we find something that is NOT pointless and we think that the other person will actually use and like.

Disposable presents are welcome. Things like really nice soap we'd never buy for ourselves. High-end balsamic vinegar. Gourmet coffee. Wine. Other than's plenty to just manage to see each other!!

But kids...well, you kinda have to buy something for kids. Not that I know any but I would buy 'em something.

Christine said...

I do the Sons, Hubby, the Mandatory Relatives, and 2 friends.

I am generally not good at gift-giving, but this year I like what I'm picking out, so far.

Ms. Q, I totally agree on the "disposable presents" thing.

ALF said...

yes, disposable presents all the way.

I also agree that the giving of NOT pointless gifts is key. I'd rather get nothing than something I don't want, can't use and will have to pretend to like. This is why I believe that people should be registered all the time - that way there would be a list of things you want and need for people to choose from.

Christine said...

yes, registry is a great idea.

Not that I'm registered anywhere.

I did blog, a couple years ago, though, about All the Stuff I Like to Get. It was...satisfying :)

Kerry said...

I love shopping - it's my weakness... I love ebay too! It's addictive!