Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Flip side of the eternal question

After Son #2 contemplated the difference between men and women, Son #1 gave me the perfect example of same:

"Dylan is hilarious! I mean, he can be a jerk, but he is so funny! Today, at lunch, he ate a candy bar, and then he put the empty wrapper on it, and had it hanging out of his zipper. And he got someone to touch it, hanging out there in the candy wrapper, but he didn't know it was in the wrapper. And then the lunch monitor started coming our way, so Dylan just figured, what the hell, and jumped on a table and started dancing, and it was still hanging out of his zipper, in the candy wrapper."

There are myriad reasons why this is the perfect example of boy vs girl behavior.

First of all, only a teenage boy would wrap his genitalia in a candy wrapper. Girls, even if our genitalia were easily wrappable, just wouldn't do it.

And encourage someone to touch it, through the wrapper.

And only another teen boy would actually DO that. Wrapper, or no.

And faced with an angry lunch monitor, only a boy would have the nerve to leave said "candy" dangling, while they danced on a lunch table.

And only a teen boy would come home and take about 10 minutes to tell this story, because he was laughing so hard he could barely speak.

See, girls would just be mortified. I'm amazed Dylan hasn't been hit with a sexual harassment suit.


Andrea said...

I had to sit here for a couple of minutes to access my high school memory before figuring at what "it" was.

I would have laughed out loud if I didn't have my hand over my dropped open mouth in stunned disbelief. I'm trying to figure out how in the world he thought to do that. Too, too funny.

Jill said...

I had no idea you could get away with stuff like that at school anymore without being expelled and transferred to an alternative school...

Definitely worth a ten minute telling!!!! Too FUNNY! (eew for the poor kid who touched without knowing though!) :-) :-) :-)

ALF said...

This is something my husband would not only find hysterical but would then want to try for himself (if he hasn't already). Boys are really gross.

Tina said...

Your boys sound like quite the riot! I'm loving the stories. I miss my teenagers. I don't have kids but taught high schoolers for 4 years.